You Will Learn How To…

  • Turn Your Tables Quicker
  • Time Your Tables Better
  • Forget About “Suggestive Selling” and Make More Money!
  • Manage Your Guests And Not Have Your Guests Manage You.
  • Make More Money In Less Time
  • Change Your Routine For Different Times
  • Think Like Your Guests To Stay A Step Ahead
  • Manage Your Manager
  • Give Yourself a Raise!

WaiterStudent.com is your source for 100% free training for restaurant servers, bussers, and expos! At WatierStudent.com you will find tons of useful information on how to manage your tables, make better decisions and make more money! WaiterStudent.com and their staff has over 30 years of combined server experience. They have seen it all when it comes to waiting tables and they are hear to give you a leg up on how to make your job easier, more lucrative and more fun! And the best part is WaiterStudent.com is 100% free so you don’t have to spend any money to make your server job better. You just have to put in a little time to incorporate some of the tips and tricks to becoming a better waiter. Most people who wait tables do not plan on making it their career, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of your time at your restaurant. The skills you learn here can go a long way after your time at your restaurant. You will be able to manage customers without appearing to be rude or uncaring and in the long run you will be able to master the art of customer service while keeping your sanity!

If you have found this website, you are probably one of the millions of waiters or waitresses who are looking to make a little more money. This isn’t just a website about the steps of service, but we will use the steps of service to outline where and when you can use proven techniques to increase your sales and increase your income at the same time. The authors of this free website have a combined 30 years of table waiting experience and have found that many waiters and waitresses do not know how to increase their sales beyond what many managers stress “suggestive selling”. Many managers have been in the restaurant business for a long time and many restaurant managers have been waiters and waitresses before, however there are many areas that they have either forgot about or didn’t think of telling their staff when training a new employee. Many restaurant managers were once great waiters, but the reasons they were great waiters doesn’t always translate. There are many great managers in the restaurant business as well, but their plates are often too full for them to see where there can be improvements. This guide will help you recognize opportunities to increase your sales (and in turn increase your income) by showing you techniques that have proven to be effective over many years of practice.

This website is presented in a fashion that will give you tons of useful information that will help you sell more food and drinks without working more. By showing you the differences of what is important to you, and what is important to your tables, you will be well equipped to handle any server position at any restaurant. We will show you how to handle your time and your communication to effectively move tables in the right direction keeping you in control of your income.


35 thoughts on “WaiterStudent.com!

  1. Good to be here,its so pleasant to have u here..Hope to become a very good Waiter after your teaching..Thanls alot

    1. Waiting tables can be fun and easy no matter how difficult a table appears to be. You just have to make people smile, and everything will work in your favor. Confidence is king

  2. Wish i could communication with you guys always…i have anger problems..dont know how to handle…..please help me out of here and to be a better waiter next times…

  3. Waitressing is a good opportunity to gain skills in customer service, table setting, preparation and time management.

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